An Interview with Ray Ray Hughes

We met the delightful Ray Ray Hughes when she asked us to be a part of a wellness day at The Springs, a large warehouse-turned-wellness destination in the growing arts district of downtown L.A. From the very first time we met with Ray Ray, it was friends at first sight. A fellow traveler. Imagine a mash-up of Milla Jovovich in "The 5th Element" with Ghandi, and voila! Ray Ray! Here's an interview with the inspiring enigma behind NATIVES, the global community for conscious professionals. 


Q: What type of work are you doing and what are you hoping it will bring to the world?

I am building a network for conscious professionals. What I really want to do is educate the world about living a quality life from a place of prevention instead of reaction (which is typically the western medicine tactic) There are so many ancient healing modalities that are so relevant today and I want to support all the people who are bringing these alternative medicines, complimentary treatments & the conscious lifestyles, to the world.


Q: What inspired you to start your project?

I literally lived through leaving an amazing holistically minded community in Australia when I moved to LA. I then started to travel for a bit of a vacay and it was impossible to find great healers, retreats, communities, without having some local intel or through friends of friends, typically that process took a little while, before you got tapped in... there was no central communication platform and it was driving me CRAZY so I made one.


Q: What themes are you currently working on in your personal practice?

I work with an energy healing mediation at the moment. In recent times I became more aware of my psychic ability, so I have been working with an AMAZING healer Kismet Salem, who has been helping me become more aware and in control. Its a beautiful, subtle awakening everyday. 

Q: Spirit animal? 

Dolphin - alien of the sea


Q: How have you tapped into the unconscious, and any stories that stand out? (meditation, plants, hypnosis, etc)

My very first tap in was during a breathwork class back in 2010, what I have come to know now as holotropic breathing. I remember entering a blue universe, feeling insanely happy and taking everyone in the room with me. Later the guide told me that was the Pleadian realm. I think that also kick started my obsession with aliens and the universe. I have sat with the mother many times, which cracked me wide open. I am now in a stage of work, the path forward has been made insanely clear to me after years of self healing, so I am just getting. it. done.


Q: What would you tell the younger you, if you could time travel?

Don't take the Ritalin they give you. 

"LISTEN TO YOUR GOD DAMN GUT, it's always right."




Q: How many lives do you feel like you've lived? Do you have any ideas of who you might have been?

I have done past life regression. I have had 5 read to me, I've been everywhere from a concubine in Paris in the 1800's to a leader of a tribe in the South Pacific. I find it all so interesting. Recently have come across Family Constellations, so intrigued to get stuck into that ! :)


Q: What do you typically do to shift negative, anxious or blocked energy?

I ground. I run my energy, basically flush earth energy & cosmic energy through my chakra's while meditating. If shit is really bad I'll get acupuncture and steam/ sauna. Every day steam & sauna. 


Q: Do you have any feelings about where the world will be in 100 years?

OOOh. That's a loaded question. I hope the planet is not Mars by that time. I have this dream that children are taught ayurvedic & Chinese medicine, and everyone learns how to live symbiotically with the earth from birth and every single person realizes they are a healer. Consciousness will elevate an insane amount by that stage and we will all be telepathic, inter-dimensional time travelers... or something like that...


Q: Are you involved in any creative pursuits?

I have a side project called New World Native. I am actually an art curator, so I use that as my creative outlet, for now its a Instagram and small curated community of dear creative friends. But eventually we would love to build it into an agency and magazine of some sort. I also LOVE ceramics and film photography. 


Q: You have an eccentric style. How would you describe it and how do you shop?

I really love to be comfortable, and I LOVE wearing stuff that looks ridiculous. I came from a very conservative up bringing and as soon as I was 'allowed' I started to push the boundaries more and more and more. I guess I would describe it as tom boy meets 90's alien, meets 80s neon synth player.... Im really into not contributing to clothing pollution, so I have been recycling my own wardrobe for a good two years now, and if I do shop its at a beacon's closet or buffalo exchange. 


Q: Any advice that you'd like to share that has helped you?

Listen to your god damn gut, ITS ALWAYS RIGHT. You make think you don't hold the keys to the power or the keys to what you want, but you do, get out of your own way. 


Q: Do you have a special diet or lifestyle routines that you would like to share?

I exercise everyday, helps my brain function, and obviously feel good in my body (I want to live a long, quality, life). I always steam or sauna, I love the feeling of refreshing my body by getting the toxins out. Im actually addicted to that. I always try to have a smoothie loaded with super foods or some sort of green salad everyday, helps my digestion do it's job.


Q: Any natural products that you love to use?

Oh I just found Enessa  - there essential oil face oils have been life changing. I also use rosewater everyday, palo santo, sage, incense. All the good natural smelling things. 


Q: Do you have any favorite places to visit on the planet, that you wouldn't mind sharing?

Joshua Tree, (great place for UFO hunting) There is something about the desert that is just magical, I love it SO MUCH. Makes me feel connected to the earth and to the universe. 

For more information, visit Natives community.