Sound Healing

We offer sound baths for public and private events as well as individual sound healing sessions.

We use chakra-attuned quartz crystal singing bowls, rattles, drums, and brass bells to provide soothing sounds that touch upon the energetic frequencies of our auric layers. 

Public Soundbaths

We offer public sound healing events at a variety of locations throughout the Southern California area. Join our newsletter and follow us on Instagram @forestkind to find out about the latest.

Private Soundbaths

Soundbaths can aid in relaxation, increase feelings of wellbeing and inner peace, and allow for more authentic connections among participants. Book a private soundbath event or workshop for your—

-Gallery/Art Event
-Launch Parties
-Music festivals
-Baby Showers
-Loved ones in need

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Individual Sound Healing Sessions

We provide custom bespoke sound healing sessions to our clients one-on-one. A private sound healing session is great for in-depth healing of the energetic body, clearing up any emotional patterns, and improving overall mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. 

An individual sound session begins with 15-30 minute introduction to discuss where you're at, what your intentions (goals) are, and what you feel your blocks are. 

Then we'll do a clearing with sage and palo santo and start the sound healing. This part is 1 hr long and includes a guided visual meditation, crystal singing bowls, other sound healing instruments, Reiki and aromatherapy. 

Price: $150


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