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Awakening the Serpent Healing & Renewal Soundbath @ Silverlake Yoga

The ancient symbol of a snake biting its tail is called the 'ouroboros' and it symbolizes the cycle of life. As a snake sheds its skin, it is renewing itself. Therefore, when the snake bites its tail, it creates a cycle of neverending transformation.

The snake or serpent, is also a symbol of the kundalini energy that lies coiled at the base of our spine. We will begin at 8:00pm with a movement exercise to awaken that sleeping serpent as we warm up our spines allowing the energy from the chakra centers to flow freely. We will draw up our strength from the root chakra and infuse that energy throughout our bodies so we can renew ourselves with positive, glowing light from within, clearing ourselves of any negative thoughts and worries in the process.

This soundbath will incorporate seven chakra-attuned quarts crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Chinese wind gong, crystal triangle, drums, rattles and hands-on Reiki healing. Aromatherapy will infuse the air to clear and consecrate the space as we are guided into a deep journey within ourselves.

Please bring a yoga mat as we will be laying down for this meditation.

Silverlake Yoga

2810 Glendale Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Earlier Event: February 11
Private Group Event