Forestkind is an insight-based soundbath and workshop duo in Los Angeles that fosters awareness of the present moment through the healing sounds of crystal quartz singing bowls, rattles, drums, gong, shruti box, Usui Reiki energy work and aromatherapy. Their soundbaths are restorative experiences that tap into a deeper consciousness of gratitude and lovingkindness.

Some of the places they have offered soundbaths and mindfulness workshops are: InsightLA Meditation, USCMindful, L.A. Design Festival, Spotify, Art Basel Miami, Mercado Sagrado, Poketo, Iamsound, and Sonomama.

“The soundbath felt like a massage for my insides" –Lolo Burt


Information about soundbaths, our history, and what we are creating.

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Information about upcoming soundbaths, meditations and workshops. 

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